KaratBars – Magic with Numbers!

What can happen with $50.00 US Dollar’s?  This will shock you!

Watch the magic happen with Karatbars KBC Crypto!

This question was asked of me just today from one of our Karatbars Affiliate Members.  Not only did I answer his question, I showed proof of what I was stating and included Karatbars International issued Flyers as well to support it all.

Question:  If somebody had $50, what would that do for them in Karatbars? 

My Response: 

If someone has about $50.00 USD, then what I would suggest to that person is to purchase our CashGold and then take it to the Karatbars Exchange and purchase the KBC Coins with it.  Of course I would walk you through the process and you will soon realize that it is very easy.

At the current rate, this would get you somewhere around 700 KBC Coins which is a great start.  Beginning July 4th 2019, Karatbars is giving it’s affiliate members the opportunity to exchange this specific coin in at a rate of 100 KBC Coins = 1 Gram of 24K 999.99 GOLD which in today’s price is worth about $42.00 USD. r.

Given the example above:  700 KBC Coins cost you $50 and you would be able to exchange them in for about $294.00 give or take a little.  But it get’s better than that.  You see, the 100 for 1 Gram is going to last from July 4th thru the end of the year and then the company is changing the rate to 75 KBC = 1 Gram of GOLD, the following January 1st it get’s even better

Here is what it will look like if you the type of person who can wait it out:

1) 7/4/2019 – 12/31/19:   700 KBC = 7 Grams of Gold / $294.00 USD  (Calculated at the rate of 100 KBC= 1 Gram)


2) 1/1/2020 – 12/31/20:   700 KBC = 9.33 Grams of Gold / $391.86 USD  (Calculated at the rate of 75 KBC = 1 Gram)


3) 1/1/2021 – 12/31/21:   700 KBC = 14 Grams of Gold / $588.00 USD  (Calculated at the rate of 50 KBC = 1 Gram)


4) 1/1/2022 – 12/31/22:   700 KBC = 28 Grams of Gold / $1,176.00 USD  (Calculated at the rate of 25 KBC = 1 Gram)


5) 1/1/2023 – 12/31/23:   700 KBC = 700 Grams of Gold / $29,400.00 USD  (Calculated at the rate of 1 KBC = 1 Gram)

Refer to the chart below which demonstrates how KBC and KCB Coin will merge and the three year projection. 

As you can now see, this program is bigger than anyone can imagine it to be.  This is why I call it CREATING GENERATIONAL WEALTH & is a path to financial freedom for anyone who chooses to participate!

It even gets better with our newest coin which is in Pre-Sale for the Affiliate Members Only.  It is called the KCB Coin and is being sold at great discounts right now for the Karatbars Members Only.

Just think about the numbers above for a moment.  What if somebody had more than $50.00 USD …. are you seeing where this is going.  Below are the Karatbars generated flyers explaining what I just showed you, so that you can see it for yourself.  I am a no nonsense type of guy who wants everyone on the team to succeed and become as wealthy as they choose to be. 

You can generate income in this business in 10 Ways or more and there is more coming out this year.

Let’s just work together and get you started on this Karatbars journey.  We can start out small and keep building on your financial goals. 

I look forward to your response.   

Kind regards,

Nathan Gurley

PS … Yes, these numbers are correct … but please feel free to do your own math.  Numbers do not lie when given the formula. 

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