About Nathan Gurley

Greeting and welcome to the Viral Crytpto Club Blog!  

My name is Nathan Gurley and this is one of my little pieces of real estate on the Internet.  Offline, I am a single father, teacher, and musician.  

Online, I am the owner/admin at ViralCryptoClub.com and CryptoKnightHits.com.   After a couple of years of trial, error, and frustration with cryptocurrency, I decided the main focus of ViralCryptoClub would be to promote KaratBars International.  I truly believe in the vision of this company and feel strongly about the goodwill offered with our Synergy Gold Group Team.  

To support our efforts, I am working on a viral, rebrandable PDF entitled, “7 Keys to Generational Affiliate Wealth”, which is a short report that features some of the highlights of our outreach.  



  • #1 Grab a copy of the PDF
  • #2 Get a Free Karatbars Account and Re-Brand your PDF with your link
  • #3 Share your branded copy with others

That’s it for now.  Take a look around and please leave a comment.